RustPlay Earth 2X [Solo/Duo/Trio]

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RustPlay Earth 2X [Solo/Duo/Trio]

  • Server Description

    PVP Custom Earth Map And Custom AI

    -Zombies And AI *Zombies, Custom Ranged Bandits, Juggernauts, Scientists, And Much More!
    -Vehicles *Have The Option To Purchase A Vehicle License To Spawn Car/RHIB/Copter/Row Boat When Ever You Want!
    -Levels *Can Level Up Skills Like Farming, Gathering, Crafting, And Skinning For A Bonus!
    -Quests *Custom Quest That Pay Out In Rewards Points You Can Spend In The Store!
    -Server Rewards *You Can Earn Rewards For Time Played, Quests, And Voting To Spend In The Server Store!
    -Quarry's *Purchase Your Own Personal Mining Quarry!
    -Skins *Over 6000 Skins Available For All Items!
    -Backpacks *Extra Storage Room On Your Back For All Players!
    -Auto Lights *Fuel Powered Lights Turn On Automatically At Night And Don't Use Fuel!
    -Custom Items *Lots Of Custom Quest Items, Loot, Attire, Auto Door Closer's, And Much More!
    -Low Decay *Decay Is Reduced By 70%!
    -Extra Loot *Custom Loot Tables Along With 50% More Loot Overall!
    -Turret/Lock Sync *Tired Of Needing To Authorize On Every Lock And Turret Of A Teammate? Not Anymore!
    -Teleport *Set Homes, Teleport To Friends, Or Teleport To The Owner Built Town!
    -Corpse Finder *Easily Find The Last Place You Died With A Simple Command!
    -Upgrade Tools *Easily Upgrade Your Base By Just A Swing Of Your Hammer!
    -Clans *Custom Clans, Clan Titles, Title Colors, Friendly Fire, Rust.IO, And Many More Functions!
    -Fishing *Custom Fishing Setup Using A Real Fishing Rod With Custom Loot No Other Server Can Match!
    -Loot Stacks/Sort *Increased Stack Sizes For Items, Auto Resource Split For Smelting, One Click Sort/Loot Function!
    -Recyclers *You Can Purchase A Recycler To Place Where Ever You Want!
    -Guide Bot *Special Bot That Will Answer Questions And Give Help Tips, He Also Monitors Chat For Rules Breakers!
    -VIP Option *Donators Receive VIP Status On All RustPlay Servers, Which Allows The Use Of Even More Plugins!
    -Plus Much More *With The 70+ Custom Plugins And Server Variables!

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