RustPlay PVE/PVP Zones With Zombies

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RustPlay PVE/PVP Zones With Zombies

  • Server Description

    PVE Based Map With PVP Zones, Cars, ZLevels, Zombies at Monuments, Zombie Hordes Travel The Map, Quests, Rewards For Time Played On Server, Rewards Store, SkinBox, Anti-Offline Raid For 24 Hours, Anti-Online Raid, Backpacks, Night Lights, Auto Door Shutters, 70% Less Decay, 50% More Loot, Clans, Teleport/Home, Fishing, Friendly Fire, Stacks/Split, Quick Sort, Plus Much More With The Other 70+ Plugins. Active Admins, 48 Hour Purge For Players At Wipe Time. Eastern US Server, Restarts Daily 4 AM CST. All Game Styles Welcome. Forced Monthly Wipe At Rust Update Only, Simple Rules, Have Fun.

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