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RustPlay Build

  • Raid Protection *Only Players Authorized On Tool Cupboard Can Damage/Raid The Base!

  • Auto Lights *Fuel Powered Lights Turn On Automatically At Night And Don't Use Fuel!

  • Player Item Spawn *Spawn Any Item You Want Or Need Using F1!

  • Upgrade Tools *Easily Upgrade Your Base By Just A Swing Of Your Hammer!

  • Auto Upgrade *Ability To Upgrade Entire Bases In One Command, Or Choose The Build Grade As You Go!

  • Free Materials *Custom Kits Filled With Everything Needed To Build, Destroy, And Much More!

  • Loot Stacks/Sort *Increased Stack Sizes For Items, Auto Resource Split For Smelting, One Click Sort/Loot Function!

  • Guide Bot *Special Bot That Will Answer Questions And Give Help Tips, He Also Monitors Chat For Rules Breakers!

  • VIP Option *Donators Receive VIP Status On All RustPlay Servers, Which Allows The Use Of Even More Plugins!

  • Plus Much More *With The 70+ Custom Plugins And Server Variables!

Active Staff, Monitored By Owners

Eastern US Server, Restarts Daily 4 AM CST

Monthly Wipe At Rust Update Only

Server Links

Rust-Servers: Click Here!

Steam Group: Click Here!

YouTube Channel: Click Here!

Support The Server: Click Here!

Rust:IO Map: Click Here!

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